Book Title: Very Best Of Contemporary Christian Music, The
Song count: 378 songs
Imprint: Milwaukee : Hal Leonard, 199-
Callnumber: MP1630.28 .V48 1986

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Song Title Composer
Above the storm Phill McHugh, Phil Naish
Adonai David C. Martin
Ageless dancer Jess Leary, Bobby Taylor
All I need to say Michael W. Smith, Gary Chapman, Amy Grant
All my life Stormie Omartian, Michael Omartian
All over the world Phill McHugh, Greg Nelson
All rise Babbi Mason
All things are possible Chris Christian, Dan Peek
Alleluia, Christ is coming Ed DeGarmo, Dana Key
Angels Michael W. Smith, Gary Chapman, Brown Bannister, Amy Grant
Arise, shine Wendell Burton, Marty Goetz
Arms of love Michael W. Smith, Gary Chapman, Amy Grant
Army of the Lord Brent Lamb
Asleep in the light Keith Green
Baruch hashem adonai Dawn Rodgers, Tricia Walker
Battle is the Lord's, the Steven V. Taylor, L. Wayne Hilliard
Battleline Teri DeSario Purse, Bill Purse, Don Cason
Be a friend Hal Newman, Rachel Newman
Be still my soul Russ Taff, Tory Taff
Beat the system Bob Hartman
Because of who you are Billy Smiley. Bob Farrell
Behold the lamb Dottie Rambo
Believers Phill McHugh, Justin Peters
Believing for the best in you Michael Omartian, Stormie Omartian
Blessed messiah Ed DeGarmo, Dana Key
Blessing Pan Mark Hall, Greg Laughery
Born again Barney T. Sudderth
Born in Zion Michael Hudson, Gary Driskell
Born to fly Charles Aaron Wilburn
Brand new start Amy Grant
Bread upon the water Bill Grein, Jenny Grein
By my spirit Leslie Phillips
Calvary's Love Greg Nelson, Phill McHugh
Can you reach my friend Billy Sprague, Jim Weber
Celebrate Teri DeSario Purse, Bill Purse
Celebrate his good life John Elliott, Greg Nelson, Michael W. Smith, Steve Green
Celebrate the Lord John Elliott, Mark Baldwin
Celebration Shirley Caesar Williams, Bernard Sterling
Champion of the battle Jack Fowler, James Sigmon
Champion, the Carman Licciardello
Christ the Lord is risen today Charles Wesley, Michael W. Smith
Circle of two Mickey Cates
Coloring song, the Dave Eden
Come and see Bob Bennet, Michael Aguilar
Come celebrate Jesus Claire Cloninger, John Rosasco
Come to the table Niles Borop, Michael Card
Conversation peace Charles Aaron Wilburn
Cornerstone Leon Patillo
Count me in John W. Thompson, Michael Card, Randy L. Scruggs
Count the cost Randy L. Scruggs, John W. Thompson
Darker the night, the Michael James Murphy
Darkness in under his feet, the Tanya Goodman, David Binion
Day he wore my crown, the Phil Johnson
Destined to win Ed DeGarmo, Dana Key
Do I trust you Twila Paris
Do something now Steve Camp, Phil Madeira
Doer of the Word Jeremy Dalton
Don't look back Tanya Goodman, Terry Toler
Don't run away Amy Grant, Gary Chapman
Doubly good to you Rhichard Mullins
Drawin' from the well Phil Johnson
Eagle song Russ Taff, Tori Taff
Easter song Anne Herring
El Shaddai John W. Thompson, Michael Card
Elijah Richard Mullins
Emmanuel Michael W. Smith
End of the book Michael W. Smith, Mike Hudson
Evening song William Richardson
Every step of the way Nan Gurley, Jim Weber, Billy Sprague
Everywhere I go Marylee Kortes
Exodus song, the Pat Boone, Ernest Gold
Fairest of ten thousand Tanya Goodman, David R. Lehman, Michael Sykes
Faith takes a vision James Ward
Faith walkin' people Brown Bannister, Amy Grant
Fan mail Micki Fuhrman, Tanya Goodman
Father's eyes Gary Chapman
Finally Gary Chapman
Find a hurt and heal it David Baroni, Niles Borop
Find a way Mike Hudson, Michael W. Smith
First stone, the Geoff Thurman, Becky Thurman, Justin Peters
Flawless Jim Weber, Geoff Thurman, Becky Thurman
Following the king Mark Gersmehl, Billy Smiley
Following you Lisa Harper, Laurie Harper
For the love of it Jerry Michael, Kathleen Murdock
For unto us Melodie Tunney, Dick Tunney, Beverly Darnall
Forever Claire Cloninger, John Rosasco
Forgiven David Meece
Forgiving eyes Michael Card, Norbert Putnam
Friendly fire Tanya Goodman, David Binion
Friends Michael W. Smith, Deborah D. Smith
From this Moment Lisa Harper
Gentle hands Geron Davis
Give them all to Jesus Phil Johnson, Bob Benson
God's own fool Michael Card
God's wonderful people Lanny Wolfe
Goliath Scott Wesley Brown, Phil Naish
Got to let it go Amy Grant, Brown Bannister, Shane Keister, Michael W. Smith, Gary Chapmam
Got to tell somebody Don Francisco
Gotta have the real thing Rick Riso
Grave Robber Bob Hartman
Great is the Lord Michael W. Smith, Deborah D. Smith
Greater is he that is in me Lanny Wolfe
He holds the keys Jon Mohr
He rolled away the stone Terry Skinner, J. L. Wallace, Lonnie Ledford
He set my life to music Kye Fleming, Dennis W. Morgan
He was there all the time Gary S. Paxton
He will carry you Scott Wesley Brown
He'll shine his light on you Michele Pillar, Jay Gruska, Marie Cain
He's alive Don Francisco
He's only a prayer away Hal Newman, Spooner Oldham
Heart of the seeker, the Jim Weber
Heaven fell like rain (when he spoke) Milton Carroll, Barbara Fairchild, Mike Smith
Heavenly father Billy Sprague, David Parks
Heirlooms Amy Grant, Bob Farrell, Brown Bannister
Help me love my brother Tanya Goodman, Michael Sykes
Here he comes with my heart Leslie Phillips
Here I am Chris Eaton, Russ Taff, Tori Taff
His grace is greater Greg Nelson, Phil McHugh, Steve Green, Lari Goss
Hold on Tony Brown, Paul Overstreet
Holiness Don Francisco
Hollow eyes Bob Hartman
Holy Ground Geron Davis
Holy, holy Michael W. Smith, Deborah D. Smith, Brown Bannister, Debbie Bannister
Holy is his name John Michael Talbot
Home where I belong Pat Terry
Hosanna Michael W. Smith, Deborah D. Smith
Hosanna, gloria Bob Farrell, Dave Robbins
How can they live without Jesus? Keith Green
How could I ever say no Jamie Owens-Collins
How excellent is thy name Melodie Tunney, Dick Tunney, Paul Smith
How majestic is your name Michael W. Smith
Hymn Randy Stonehill
I am he Terry Talbot
I am loved William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither
I am sure Michael W. Smith, Mike Hudson
I belong to you James Ward, Mark Gersmehl
I can see Gloria Gaither, David Meece
I 'd rather believe in you Stormie Omartian, Michael Omartian
I dedicate all my love to you Teri DeSario Purse, Bill Purse
I have decided Michael Card
I just feel like something good is about to happen William J. Gaither
I know Michael W. Smith, Wayne Kirkpatrick
I love a lonely day Gary Chapman, Michael W. Smith
I love you Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith
I walked today Greg Nelson, Gloria Gaither
I want to be a clone Steve Taylor
I want to know Christ Michael Hudson, Gary Driskell
I want to make a difference Michele Pillar, John Laird
I'm gonna fly Amy Grant
I'm up Michael W. Smith, Mike Hudson
I've heard the thunder Leon Patillo
I've just seen Jesus Gloria Gaither, William J. Gaither, Danny Daniels
If only Jack Fowler, Kathy Troccoli
In a little while Amy Grant, Gary Chapman, Shane Keister, Brown Bannister
In his name Mark Gersmehl
In the name of the Lord Phill McHugh, Gloria Gaither, Sandi Patti Helvering
In the promised land Chris Eaton
It is good Jim Weber, Niles Borop
It was Enough Larry Bryant
It's just the first farewell Tony Elenburg
It's not a song Gary Chapman, Robbie Buchanan
Jehovah Geoff Thurman
Jericho Michael W. Smith, Paul Smith, Mike Hudson
Jesus call you lambs Terri DeSario Purse
Jesus in your heart Mark Baldwin
Jesus is Lord Donna Douglas
Jesus, Lord to me Greg Nelson, Gary McSpadden
Jesus never fails Gary Driskell
Jude doxology Michael W. Smith
Keep the flame burning David Binion, Carol Nelson
Keepin' my eyes on you Twila Paris
King of who I am, the Tanya Goodman, Michael Sykes
Kingdom of love Scott Wesley Brown, Billy Smiley, Mark Gershmehl
Known by the scars Michael Card
Lamb of glory Phill McHugh, Greg Nelson
Lamb of God Twila Paris
Lambs in the valley Charlene Carter, William Richardson
Lazarus come forth Carman Licciardello
Let the whole world sing Ed DeGarmo, Bob Farrell, Dana Key
Let the wind blow David C. Martin, Phil Naish
Let them go Tanya Goodman, Jeff Ross, Michael Sykes
Let there be praise Melodie Tunney, Dick Tunney
Lift him up Don Jarvis
Little good news, a Charlie Black, Rory Bourke, Tommy Rocco
Living in Laodicea Steve Camp
Look how far you've come Jamie Owens-Collins, Chris Christian
Look who loves you now Steve Stone
Lookin' out for number one Wayne Watson
Lord of Glory Mark Gersmehl
Lord of the dance Sydney Carter
Losing game Dallas Holm
Love calling Leon Patillo
Love everybody in the world Tanya Goodman, Michael Sykes
Love found a way Greg Nelson, Phill McHugh
Love in any language Jon Mohr, John Mays
Love never fails Tanya Goodman, Michael Sykes
Love of another kind Richard Mullins, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Amy Grant, Gary Chapman
Love them while we can Mark Gershmehl
Make my heart your home Paul Smith, Keith Thomas
Maker of my heart Robert J. Kauflin
Man in the middle Mickey Cates
Mansion builder Anne Herring
Meltown (at Madame Tussaud's) Steve Taylor
Messiah Mike Deasy, Phil Driscoll
Mighty fortress John Chisum, Bill George
Mighty Lord Phil Madeira
Miracle man David R. Lehman, Charles Aaron Wilburn
Mirror of your heart David C. Martin, Chris Christian
Mizpah Byron Walls
More I know of you, the Mark Baldwin, Dick Tunney, Paul Smith
More power to ya Bob Hartman
More than wonderful Lanny Wolfe
Mountain top Brown Bannister
My finest hour (you have been) George Gagliardi
My soul desire Mark Baldwin, Niles Borop
New day Terry Toler
New heart,a Michael W. Smith, Mike Hudson
New song, a Nancy Cruse, Cindy Cruse, Becky Cruse
No more night Walt Harrah
No other name but Jesus Chris Christian, Gary McSpadden, Billy Smiley
No shortage Gary S. Paxton
Not by might, not by power Chris Christian, William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Not of this world Bob Hartman
Not to us, O Lord Michael W. Smith, Paul Smith
Nothing but the blood - washed in the blood Robert Lowry, Elisha A. Hoffman
Now and the not yet, the Pam Mark Hall
Now or never Si Simonson, Tim Hosman
O come all ye faithful Richard Mullins
O holy one Marty Goetz
O magnify the Lord Dick Tunney, Melodie Tunney
Oh buddha Mark Farrow
Oh, how he loves you and me Kurt Kaiser
Oh Lord you're beautiful Keith Green
Old man's rubble Brown Bannister
On and on (love song) Amy Grant, Brown Bannister
On my way Phillip Sandifer
On one condition Nan Gurley, Melodie Tunney
On the water Marty McCall, Vickie McCall
One last goodbye Larry Bryant, Lesa Brayant, Debbie Franco, Keith Thomas
One more song for you Michael Omartian, Stormie Omartian
One thing leads to another Leon Patillo
Only child Vic Clay, Terry Toler
Open arms Amy Grant, Gary Chapman, Bruce Hibbard
Ordinary Poeple Danniebelle Hall
Over the mountain Charlene Carter
Passin' the faith along Jon Mohr
People in a box Ed DeGarmo, Dana Key, Bob Farrell
People need the Lord Phill McHugh, Greg Nelson
Pour on the power Dwight Liles, Mark Gersmehl, Niles Borop
Praise the Lord, he never changes Stormie Omartian, Ron Harris
Praise to the king Geoff Thurman, Mark Sorrells
Pray for me Charles Aaron Wilburn, B. J. Thomas, Gloria Thomas
Proclaim the glory of the Lord Dwight Liles, Niles Borop
Prodigal (i'll be waiting), the Gary Chapman, Amy Grant, Robbie Buchanan
Promises Tanya Goodman, Michael Sykes
Quiet love Billy Smiley, Mark Gersmehl
Quiet place Don Jarvis
Race is on, the Michael W. Smith, Deborah D. Smith
Raining on the inside Amy Grant, Kathy Troccoli
Red Sea parted, the Phill McHugh, Greg Nelson
Rejoice Phil Keaggy
Resident power Charles Aaron Wilburn
Revive us, oh Lord Steve Camp, Carman Licciardello
Right direction Joe Huffman, David R. Lehman
Right where you are Paul Smith, Keith Thomas
Rise again Dallas Holm
Road to zion, the Michael Hudson
Rock solid Raymond Brown, Russ Taff, James Hollihan
Run with the power Charles Aaron Wilburn
Runner Twila Paris, Starla Paris
Safe Jeremy Dalton
Sail on Chris Christian
Sailing on the sea of your love Ken Harding, Dave Lehman
Scandalon Michael Card
Sharayah Amy Grant, Chris Eaton
Shepherd of my heart Mark Baldwin, Dick Tunney
Shine down Billy Smiley, Mark Gershmehl, Bob Farrell
Shopping list Larry Bryant, Lesa Bryant
Silent love Robbie Buchanan, Paul Janz, Elizabeth Janz, Russ Taff, Torri Taff, Crissie Grossman-Puig
Silent partner Ed DeGarmo, Dana Key, Jessy Dixon
Silent weeper Greg Davis, Angie Lewis
Sincerely yours Gary Chapman
Sing the glory of his name Tricia Walker
Sing to the Lord Robert Sterling
Sing unto him Michael W. Smith
Sing your praise to the Lord Richard Mullins
Singer, the Lonna Milller
Singing a love song Jim Weber
Six, six, six Ed DeGarmo, Dana Key
Sky's the limit, the Leon Patillo
So glad Amy Grant, Brown Bannister, Chris Christian
So glad I know Deniece Williams, Jay Gruska
Somebody believed Gary Dunham, Rosemary Dunham
Somebody's Brother Greg Nelson, Scott Wesley Brown
Somebody's prayin' John Elliott
Song for you, a Cynthia Clawson, Patty Clawson Berry
Soon and very soon Andrae Crouch
Sound his praise Melodie Tunney
Sparrow watcher Pam Mark Hall, Richard Mullins
Special delivery Ron Harris, Carol Harris
Spreadin' like wildfire Hal Newman, Rachel Newman
Spreading all over the world Wendell Burton
Star of the morning Leon Patillo
Still rolls the stone Bob Bennett
Straight ahead Michael W. Smith, Gary Chapman, Amy Grant
Stranger to holiness Steve Camp, Rob Frazier
Strength of my life Leslie Phillips
Stronger than the weight David C. Martin, Dwight Liles
Stubborn love Michael W. Smith, Gary Chapman, Sloan Towner, Amy Grant, Brown Bannister
Surrender Claire Cloninger, Bill Purse
Sweet adoration Brown Bannister, Lynn Sutter, Dawn Rodgers
Take him to heart David C. Martin
Takin' the easy way Anne Herring
Tapestry Teri DeSario Purse, Bill Purse
Teach me to see Charles Aaron Wilburn, Gloria Thomas
That's when the angels rejoice Larry Bryant
That's where the joy comes from John Elliott
Then he comes Larry Bryant
There is a savior Greg Nelson, Bob Farrell, Sandi Patti Helvering
Think big David R. Lehman, J. J. Turner
Thinkin' about home Terry Toler
This is the day Scott Wesley Brown
This must be the lamb Michael Card
Through his eyes of love Jeremy Dalton
Throw me the keys Ralph Henley, Mark Heimermann
Thy word Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant
Time is now, the Michael Omartian, Stormie Omartian
Time to start building again Milton Carroll
To the Praise of his glorious grace Michael W. Smith, Deborah D. Smith
Tomorrow Gary Chapman, Amy Grant, Bruce Hibbard
Tomorrow Debra Winans, Carvin Winans
Too late Amy Grant, Chris Christian
Trains up in the sky Jerome Olds
Trumpet of Jesus, the Stormie Omartian, Michael Omartian
Trust the Lord Nan Gurley, Jim Weber, Billy Sprague
Undivided Melodie Tunney
Unshakable kingdom Michael W. Smith, Bill Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Unveil your glory Jack Fowler, James Sigmon, Cathy Snyder
Upon this rock Gloria Gaither, Dony McGuire
Via Dolorosa Billy Sprague, Niles Borop
Vital signs Billy Smiley, Mark Gersmehl, Dann Huff, Gary Lunn
Warrior is a child, the Twila Paris
Warrior, the Jimmy Owens, Carol Owens
Was it a morning like this Jim Croegaert
way, A Michael W. Smith, Gary Chapman, Tim Marsh
We are his hands Mark Gershmehl
We are so blessed Greg Nelson, Gloria Gaither, Bill Gaither
We are the light Glen Allen Green
We are the reason David Meece
We can change the world Steve Fry
We shall behold him Dottie Rambo
We will see him as he is Scott Douglas, Mark Gersmehl
We will stand Russ Taff, Tori Taff, James Hollihan
We've got a secret Milton Carroll, Barbara Fairchild
What a difference you've made in my life Archie P. Jordan
What a way to go Billy Sprague, Wayne Kirkpatrick
What can I do Dan Keen, Dick Tunney
When answers aren't enough Scott Wesley Brown, Greg Nelson
When God ran Benny Hester, John Parenti
Where are the other nine? Phil Naish, Billy Smiley, Mark Gershmel, James Elliott
Where do you hide your heart Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith
Where there is love Phill McHugh, Greg Nelson
Who do you say that I am David Stearman, Stephanie Boosahda
Who is he David R. Lehman, Charles Aaron Wilburn, Shirley Caesar Williams
Who to listen to Gary Chapman, Tim Marsh, Mark Wright
Why Michael Card
Wise up Billy Simon, Wayne Kirkpatrick
Without a doubt Chris Christian, B. J. Thomas
Worthy Tanya Goodman, Michael Sykes, Rusty Goodman
Wounded soldier Reba McGuire, Dony McGuire
Yeshua ha mashiach Greg Davis, Greg Fisher
You are Jehovah Glen Garrett
You are the poem Charlene Carter
You can go Michael Hudson, Michael Card, David Meece
You know it's right, and Michael W Smith, Brown Bannister, David Meece
You're the singer Kathy Crow, Tanya Goodman, Beverly Vowell, Charles Aaron Wilburn
Your grace still amazes me Tony Brown, David R. Lehman, Ken Harding
Your Kindness Leslie Phillips

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