Book Title: Amazing Country Fakebook, The
Song count: 326 songs
Imprint: Secaucus, N.J. : Warner Bros. Publications, c1993.
Callnumber: MP1630.28 .A45 1993

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Song Title Composer
Ain't necessarily so Beth Nielsen Chapman
All I have Beth Nielsen Chapman, Eric Kaz
All the reasons why Paulette Carlson, Beth Nielsen Chapman
Always on my mind Wayne Thompson, Marke James, Johnny Christopher
Amarillo by the morning Terry Stafford, Paul Fraser
Anymore Jill Colucci, Travis Tritt
Anything goes Gary Morris, Eddie Setser
Are you ever gonna love me Tom Shapiro, Chris Waters, Holly Dunn
Are you lovin' me like I'm lovin' you Johnny Cunningham, Steve Stone
At the sound of the tone Max Troy Barnes, Dave Richardson
Baby, walk on Matraca Berg, Ronnie Samoset
Baby's got a hold on me Josh Leo, Jeff Hanna, Bob Carpenter
Back to the heart break kid Van Stephenson, Tim DuBois
Back when love was enough Troy Seals, Mike Reid
Bad, bad Leroy Brown Jim Croce
Bartender's blues James Taylor
Battle hymn of love, the Paul Overstreet, Don Schlitz
Bayou boys Troy Seals, Eddy Raven, Frank J. Meyers
Behind closed doors Kenny O'Dell
Beyond those years Troy Seals, Eddie Setser
Big dreams in a small town Tim DuBois, Dave Robbins, Van Stephenson
Bird dog Bouleaux Bryant
Blame it on Texas Ronnie Rodgers, Mark Wright
Blue bayou Roy Orbison, Joe Melson
Bluest eyes in Texas, the Tim Dubois, Dave Robbins, Van Stephenson
Bobbie Sue Wood Newton, Dan Tyler, Adele Tyler
Boogie woogie fiddle country blues Charlie Daniels, Tommy Crain, Taz Digregorio, Charlie Hayward, Jack Gavin
Boot scootin' boogie Ronnie Dunn
Boy's on a roll, the David Innis, Paul Gregg, Tim DuBois
Brother jukebox Paul Craft
Burnin' old memories Gene Nelson, Larry Boone, Paul Nelson
Bye, bye love Boudleaux Bryant, Felice Bryant
Calm before the storm Van Stephenson, Dave Robbins, Bob Farrell
Carolina in the pines Michael Martin Murphey
Chains Hal Bynum, Bud Reneau
Chasin' that neon rainbow Alan Jackson, Jim McBride
Cherokee fiddle Michael Martin Murphey
Child support Tom Schuyler
Chill of an ealy fall, the Gretchen Peters, Green Daniel
Chiseled in stone Vern Gosdin, Max D. Barnes
Clown, the Wayne Carson, Charles Chalmers, Brenda Barnett, Sandra Rhodes
Come on in (You did the best you could do) Rick Giles, George Green
Cowboy logic Don Cook, Chick Rains
Crazy in love Even Stevens, Randy McCormick
Crying Roy Orbison, Joe Melson
Dallas Alan Jackson, Keith Stegal
Dancy's dream Tim DuBois, Greg Jennings, Monty Powell
Daylight Robert John Jones, Michael Kosser
Daytime friends Ben Peters
Deeper than the holler Paul Overstreet, Don Schlitz
Desperado Don Henley, Glenn Frey
Devil went down to Georgia, the Charlie Daniels, Tommy Crain, Taz Digregorio, Fred Edwards, Charlie Hayward, Jim Marshall
Didn't we Troy Seals, Graham Lyle
Disenchanted Michael Martin Murphey, Chick Rains, Jim Ed Norman
Dixieland delight Ronniy Rogers
Do you believe me now Vern Gosdin, Max D. Barnes
(Do you love me) Just say yes Bob Dipiero, John Scott Sherrill, Dennis Roberts
Domino theory, the Bill Labounty, Beckie Foster
Don't break the heart that loves you Benny Davis, Ted Murry
Don't look back Garry Morris, Eddie Setser
Don't rock the jukebox Alan Jackson, Roger Murrah, Keith Stegall
Don't say no tonight Dan Mitchell, Lorin Reyzek, Robbie Feutz
Don't underestimate my love for you Steve Diamond, Steve Dorff, Dave Loggins
Don't you Otha Young, Johnny Pierce
Down home Rick Bowles, Josh Leo
Down the road Mac McAnally
Drinkin' and dreamin' Troy Seals, Max D. Barnes
Drinkin' my baby goodbye Charlie Daniels
Early in the morning and late at night Troy Seals, Frank Meyer
Eighteen wheels and a dozen roses Gene Nelson, Paul Nelson
Eldorado Greg Jennings, Paul Gregg, Nicky Gregg
Everybody needs a hero Troy Seals, Max D. Barnes
Face to face Randy Owen
Faithless love John David Souther
Fallin' again Ted Gentry, Randy Owen, Greg Fowler
Feels so right Randy Owen
Few ole country boys, a Troy Seals, Mentor Williams
Fishin' in the dark Wendy Waldman, Jim Photoglo
Forever and ever, amen Paul Overstreet, Don Schlitz
Forever together Randy Travis, Alan Jackson
Fourteen minutes old A.L. "Doodle" Owens, Dennis Knutson
Friday night feelin' Rich Landers
Friends and lovers (Both to each other) Paul Gordon, Jay Gruska
From a distance Alan Jackson, Randy Travis
From a jack to a king Ned Miller
Garden, the Freddy Weller, Bobby Fischer
Geronimo's Cadillac Michael Martin Murphey, Charles John Quarto
Gift, the Nancy Montgomery
Give me his last chance Lionel Cartwright
Givers and takers Craig Bickhardt
God must have blessed America AllenToussaint
Guitars, Cadillacs Dwight Yoakam
Gwen (Congratulations) Ricci Mareno, Jerry Gillespie
Hard time Michael Noble, Larry Stewart, Tim DuBois
He's letting go Pat Bunch, Pam Rose, Mary Ann Kennedy
Headache tomorrow (Or a heartache tonight), a Chick Rains
Heart don't fall now Bill LaBounty, Beckie Foster, Carolyn Swilley
Heart of the night Michael Clark, John Bettis
Heaven's just a sin away Jerry Gillespie
Here in the real world Alan Jackson, Mark Irwin
Here we are Beth Nielsen Chapman, Vince Gill
Heroes and friends Randy Travis, Don Schlitz
Highway robbery Tom Shapiro, Michael Garvin, Bucky Jones
Home Alan Jackson
Home again in my heart Josh Leo, Wendy Waldman
Honey I dare you Dave Gibson, Craig Carp, Stuart Cook, Dave Jenkins, John McFee
House on Old Lonesome Road Dave Gibson, Bernie Nelson
Houston solution Paul Overstreet, Don Schlitz
Hummingbird Tim DuBois, Greg Jennings
I believe in music Mac Davis
I can't turn the tide Michael Bonagura, Kathie Baillie, Craig Bickhardt
I don't know you (Anymore) Ricci Mareno, Charlie Black
I got dreams Steve Wariner, Bill LaBounty
I got it bad Matraca Berg, Jim Photoglo
I got you Teddy Gentry, Greg Fowler, Robert Byrne
I have you Gene Nelson, Paul Nelson
I knew my day would come Vern Gosdin, Max D. Barnes
I know how he feels Rick Bowles, Will Robinson
I know the way to you by heart Tony Laiolo
I know what I've got J.C. Crowley, Jeff Silbar
I know where I'm going Craig Bickhardt, Brent Maher, Don Schlitz
I sang dixie Dwight Yoakam
I see the want in your eyes Wayne Carson Thompson
I taught her everything she knows Teddy Gentry, Greg Fowler, John Jarrard, Walt Aldridge
I thought it was you Gary Harrison, Tim Menzies
I told you so Randy Travis
I want everyone to cry Michael Noble, Wood Newton
I wish that I could fall in love today Harlon Howard
I won't need you anymore (Always and forever) Troy Seals, Max D. Barnes
I wonder what she's doing tonight John Jarrard, Gary Nicholson
I wonder where we'd be tonight Vernon Gosdin, Jim Sales
I'd love you all over again Alan Jackson
I'll still be loving you Pat Bunch, Pam Rose, Mary Ann Kennedy, Toddy Cerney
I'm over you Tim Nichols, Zack Turner
I'm still crazy Vernon Gosdin, Steve Le Gosdin, Buddy Cannon
If I ever fall in love again Gloria Sklerov, Steve Dorff
If it don't come easy Dave Gibson, Craig Carp
If there's any justice (in this world) Michael Noble, C. Michael Spriggs, Tony Chalk Colton
If you ain't lovin' (You ain't livin') Tommy Collins
If you could only see me now Susan Longacre, Rick Giles
If your'e gonna do me wrong (do it right) Vern Gosdin, Max D. Barnes
In my eyes Lionel Cartwright
Is it raining at your house Vern Gosdin, Hank Cochran, Dean Dillon
Island Troy Seals, Eddy Raven
It ain't easy being easy Mark Gray, Schwana, Harrington, Les Taylor
It goes without saying Lisa Palas, Mark Sanders, John Jarrard
It only hurts for a little while Mack David, Fred Spielman
(It's always gonna be) Someday Tom Shapiro, Chris Waters, Holly Dunn
It's just a matter of time Clyde Otis, Brook Benton, Belford Hendricks
Its out of my hands Randy Travis, John Lindley
Jackson Billy Edd Wheeler, Jerry Leiber
Jenny come back Tim DuBois, Dave Robins, Van Stephenson
Joe knows how to live Troy Seals, Max D. Barnes, Graham Lyle
Jukebox in my mind Dave Gibson, Ronnie Rogers
Jukebox with a country song, a Gene Nelson, Ronnie Samoset
Just playin' possum Alan Jackson, Gary Overton, Jim McBride
Kiss an angel good mornin' Ben Peters
Lady down on love Randy Owen
Leap of faith Lionel Cartwright
Leave him out of this Susan Longacre, Walt Aldrige
Let it be you Kevin Welch, Harry Stinson
Let the heartache ride Ven Stephenson, Tim Dubois, Dave Robbins
Letter home Wendy Waldman
Life as we knew it Walter Carter, Fred Koller
Life's little ups and downs Margaret Ann Rich
Little bit closer, a Mary Ann Kennedy, Pam Rose, Thom Schuyler
Little bit in love, a Steve Earle
Little girl Kendall Franceschi, Quentin Powers
Little ways Dwight Yoakam
Liza Jane Vince Gill, Reed Nielsen
Lonely alone John Jarrard, J.D. Martin
Lonesome standard time Jim Rushing, Larry Cordle
Long and lasting love, a Gerry Goffin, Michael Masser
Long lost friend Steve Bogard, Larry Stewart, Dave Robbins
Long time ago, a Richard Mainegra
Longest walk, the Eddie Pola, Fred Spielman
Look at us Vince Gill, Max D. Barnes
Lost in the fifties tonight (In the still of the night) Troy Seals, Fred Parris, Mike Reid
Lost my baby blues Ben Peters
Love in the first degree Jim Hurt, Tim DuBois
Love, me Max T. Barnes, Skip Ewing
Love out loud Thom Schuyler
Love will bring her around Will Robinson, Rob Crosby
Love will get you through times with no money Sam Lorber, Jeff Silbar, Tim DuBois
Love, you ain't seen the las tof me Kendal Franceschi
Love's got a hold on you Keith Stegall, Carson CHamberlain
Lucky moon Mark Wright, Doug Johnson
Lyin' eyes Don Henley, Glenn Frey
Lynda Bill LaBounty, Pat McLaughlin
Makin' up for lost time (The Dallas lover's song) Gary Morris, Dave Loggins
Mama he's crazy Kenny O'Dell
Maybe that's all it takes Beth Nielsen Chapman
Maybe your baby's got the blues Troy Seals, Graham Lyle
Men Robert B. Byrne, David Alan Schulman
Midnight in Montgomery Alan Jackson, Don Sampson
Mining for coal Ronnie Samoset, Matraca Berg
Mirror mirror John Jarrard, Bob Dipiero, Mark D. Sanders
Mister DJ Charlie Daniels, Taz Digregorio, Charlie Hayward, TOm Crain, Fred Edwards
Mountain music Randy Owen
My arms stay open all night Paul Overstreet, Don Schlitz
My heart is set on you Lionel Cartwright
My home's in Alabama Randy Owen, Teddy Gentry
My special angel Jimmy Duncan
Never my love Don Addrisi, Dick Addrisi
New kind of love Steve Bogard, Rick Giles
New York (Hold her tight) Van Stephenson, Austin Roberts
No more one more time Troy Seals, Dave Kirby
Nothing I can do about it now Beth Nielsen Chapman
Nothing's changed here Dwight Yoakam, Kostas
Now and forever (You and me) David Foster, Jim Vallance, Randy Goodrum
Nowhere road Steve Earle, Reno Kling
Oh heart Kathie Baillie, Michael Bonagura, Don Schlitz
Old coyote town Gene Nelson, Larry Boone, Paul Nelson
On the road again Willie Nelson
One of those things Pam Tillis, Paul Overstreet
Only one love in my life Royal C. Bannon, John Bettis
Paint the town and hang on the moon tonight J.C. Crowley, Jack Wesley Routh
Pass it on down Teddy Gentry, Randy Owen, Will Robinson, Ronnie Rogers
Please, please baby Dwight Yoakam
Point of light Thom Schuyler, Don Schlitz
Poor poor pitiful me Warren Zevon
Precious thing Mac McNally, Steve Wariner
Promises Randy Travis, John Lindley
Put your hand in the hand Gene MacLellan
Quits Danny O'Keefe
Radioland Michael Martin Murphey, Chick Rains, Jim Ed Norman
Red neckin' love makin' night Troy Seals, Max D. Barnes
Rhinestone cowboy Larry Weiss
Right in the wrong direction Vern Gosdin, Mack Vickery, Hank Cochran
Rocky Jay Stevens
Rollin' nowhere Michael Martin Murphey
Rose colored glasses John W. Conlee, George F. Baber
Rose, the Amanda McBroom
Sarah's eyes Vern Gosdin, Shirl Milete
Secret love Paul Francis Webster, Sammy Fain
See if I care Walt Aldrige, Robert Byrne
Seed before the rose, a Jerry Gillespie, Ricci Mareno
Set 'em up Joe Vern Gosdin, Dean Dillon, Hank Cochran, Buddy Cannon
Seven Spanish angels Eddie Setser, Troy Seals
She's a natural Rick Bowles, Rob Crosby
She's actin' single (I'm drinkin' doubles) Wayne Carson Thompson
She's got a man on her mind Billy Spencer, Curtis Wright
She's in love with the boy John Ims
Shouldn't it be easier than this John Jarrard, Rick Giles
Simple man Charlie Daniels, Taz Digregorio, Jack Gavin, Charlie Hayward
Since I fell for you Buddy Johnson
Slow burning mem'ry Vern Goesdin, Max D. Barnes
Slow hand Michael Clark, John Bettis
Snowbird Gene MacLellan
Someday Alan Jackson, Jim McBride
Someday soon Ian Tyson
Sooner or later Susan Longacre, Beckie Foster, Bill LaBounty
Southern nights Allen Toussaint
Sowin' love Paul Overstreet, Don Schlitz
Spanish eyes Charles Singleton, Eddie Snyder, Bert Kaempfert
Still taking chances Michael Martin Murphy
Sugar mountain Neil Young
Sweet desire Jeannie Kendall
Sweet little '66 Steve Earle
Sweetest thing (I've ever known), the Otha Young
Take pride in America David Bracken, Clyde Otis
Take this job and shove it David Allen Coe
Talkin' to the wrong man Michael Martin Murphey
Tanqueray Vern Gosdin, Hank COchran, Mack Vickery, Jim Vest
Tar top Randy Owen
Tennessee rose Karen Brooks, Hank DeVito
Thank god for the radio Max D. Barnes, Robert John Jones
That just about does it Vern Gosdin, Max D. Barnes
That's all I need to know Alan Jackson, Jim McBride
That's how you know when love's right Wendy Waldman, Craig Bickhardt
That's my job Gary Burr
That's what your love does to me Chick Rains, Bill Caswell
(The truth is) We're livin' a lie Royal C. Bannon, John Bettis
Then again Jeff Silbar, Rick Bowles
There's no way Lisa Palas, Will Robinson, John Jarrard
This ain't my first radio Vern Gosdin, Max D. Barnes, Hank Cochran
This side of goodbye Michael Noble, Jeff Penning, Cactus Moser
This time Tim DuBois, Paul Gregg, Greg Jennings, Van Stephenson
Til I loved you Van Stephenson, Jeff Silbar, Dave Robbins
Till the end Cathy Gosdin
Time in a bottle Jim Croce
Time passes by Susan Longacre, Jon Vezner
Time stood still Robert John Jones
Time's up Harry Stinson, Wendy Waldman, Kevin Welch
Too cold at home Bobby Harden
Too much month at the end of the money Bob Dipiero, John Scott Sherrill, Dennis Robbins
Train of memories Andy Byrd, Jimbeau Hinson
True heart Michael Clark, Don Schlitz
True love (Never did run smooth) Jim Rushing, Don Schlitz
Turn it loose Craig Bickhardt, Brent Maher, Don Schlitz
Two dozen roses Mac McAnally, Robert Byrne
Untold stories Tim O'Brien
Victim of the game Tim DuBois, Greg Jennings, Paul Gregg
Wake up little Susie Boudleaux Bryant, Felice Bryant
Walk right back Sonny Curtis
Walkin' the floor over me Alan Jackson, Don Sampson
Wanderer, the Ernest Maresca
Wanted Alan Jackson, Charlie Craig
Way down deep Max T. Barnes, Max D. Barnes
We owned this town Tim DuBois, Greg Jennings, Paul Gregg
We've got it made Sandy Ramos, Bob Regan
We've got it tonight Bob Seger
Weekend, the Bill LaBounty, Beckie Foster
What I'd say Will Robinson, Robert Byrne
What's a memory like you (Doing in a love like this) John Jarrard, Charles Quillen
When a man loves a woman Calvin Lewis, Andrew Wright
When I call your name Vince Gill, Tim DuBois
When you say nothing at all Paul Overstreet, Don Schlitz
Where've you been John Vezner, Don Henry
Who you gonna blame it on this time Vern Gosdin, Hank Cochran
Who's gonna know Richard Mainegra, Rick Yancey, Jimmy Giffin
Whoever's in New England Kendall Franceschi, Quentin Powers
Why does it have to be (Wrong or right) Randy Sharp, Donny Lowery
Why lady why Teddy Gentry, Richard Scott
Wildfire Michael Martin Murphey, Larry Cansler
Wind beneath my wings, the Larry Henley, Jeff Silbar
Working class hero Alan Jackson, Don Sampson
Would these arms get in your way Vern Gosdin, Red Lane, Hank Cochran
Written in stone Mac McAnally, Don Schlitz
Wrong Steve Seskin, Andre Pessis
You can depend on me Ronnie Rogers, Jimmy Griffin
You love the thunder Jackson Browne
You're my first lady Mac McAnally
(You're my) Soul and inspiration Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil
(You've got) the Touch Will Robinson, Lisa Palas, John Jarrard
Your love is a miracle Mark Wright, Bill Kenner

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