Book Title: Gospel's Greatest
Song count: 443 songs
Imprint: [United States] : Word Publishing ; [Milwaukee, Wis.] : Distributed by Hal Leonard, [2000?].
Callnumber: MP1630.28 .G67 2000

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Song Title Composer
All because of god's amazing grace Stephen R. Adams
All god's children William J. Gaither, Charles Milhuff
All that thrills my soul Thoro Harris
Allelluia Jerry Sinclair
Alleluia to the lamb David Binion, Lisa Binion
Amazing grace John Newton
America, the beautiful Katherine Lee Bates,Samuel A. Ward
At calvary William Newell, D.B. Towner
At the cross Isaac Watts, Ralph E. Hudson
Battle hymn of the republic Julia Ward Howe, William Steffe
Be exalted, o god Brent Chamber
Because he lives William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Because of who you are Billy Smiley, Bob Farrell
Behold the lamb Dottie Rambo
Beyond the sunset Virgil P. Brock, Blanche Kerr Brock
Bigger than any mountain Gordon Jensen
Bind us together Bob Gillman
Bless god Carman, John Rosasco
Bless his holy name Andrae Crouch
Bless the name Carman
Blessed assurance Fanny Crosby, Van Alstyne
Blessed be the name William H. Clark, Ralph E. Hudson, William J. Kirkpatrick
Blessed redeemer Avis B. Christiansen, Harry Dixon Loes
Blood bought church, the Nancy Harmon
Blood will never lose its power, the Andrae Crouch
Bloodwashed band Savannah Foust
Bond of love, the Otis Skillings
Born again Andrew Culverwell
Boundless love Dianne Wilkinson
Brighten the corner where you are Ina Dudley Ogdon, Charles H. Gabriel
Bring back the springtime Kurt Kaiser
Broken and spilled out Gloria Gaither, Bill George
Build my mansion (next door to Jesus) Dottie Rambo, Barbett Music
Built on amazing grace Daryl K. Williams, Chris Collins
Burdens are lifted at calvary John M. Moore
Calvary covers it all Mrs. Walter G. Taylor
Can he, could he, would he, did he? Dwight Lilies, John Chisum
Canaanland is just in sight Jeff Gibson
Champion of love Phil Cross, Carolyn Cross
Church in the wildwood William S. Pitts
Church trimphant is alive and well, the William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Cleanse me J. Edwin Orr
Climb ev'ry mountain Oscar Hammerstein, Richard Rodgers
Come, holy spirit William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Come, thou fount of every blessing Robert Robinson, John Wyeth
Consider the lilies Joel Hemphill
Cornerstone, the Lari Goss
Could he's comin' back on, the James Payne
Count your blessings Johnson Oatman, Jr., Edwin O. Excell
Cover me Andrew Culverwell
Daddy sang bass Carl Perkins
Day he wore my crown, the Phil Johnson
Didn't we papa Aaron Wilburn
Do lord
Do you know my Jesus? V.B. Ellis, William F. Lakey
Does Jesus care? Frank E. Graeff, J. Lincoln Hall
Down at the cross Elisha A Hoffman. John H. Stockton
Draw night to god Colbert Croft, Joyce Croft
Dwelling in Beulah land C. Austin Miles
Every day with Jesus Robert C. Loveless, Wendell P. Loveless
Family of god, the William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Farther along W.B. Stephens, J.R. Baxter Jr
Father lift me up Honeytree
Fill my cup, lord Richard Blanchard
First million years, the Colbert Croft, Joyce Croft
Follow me Ira Stanphill
Footsteps of Jesus Mary B.C. Slade, Asa B. Everett
For those tears I died Marsha J. Stevens
Future's looking brighter, the Colbert Croft, Joyce Croft
Gentle shepherd William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Get all excited William Gaither
Give me that old time religion
Give them all to Jesus Bob Benson Jr., Phil Johnson
Give up Howard Goodman
God bless the U.S.A. Lee Greenwood
God can do anything but fail Ira Stanphill
God is able Chris Machen, Robert Sterling
God is good
God lead us along G.A. Young
God said it, I believe it, that settles it Stephen R. Adams, Gene Braun
God will take care of you Civilla D. Martin, W. Stillman Martin
God's wonderful people Lanny Wolfe
Going home William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Gone Eldridge Fox
Goodby, world, goodby Mosie Lister
Great is thy faithfulness Thomas O. Chrisholm, William M. Runyan
Greater is he that is in me Lanny Wolfe
Had it not been Rusty Goodman
Hallelujah, we shall rise J.E. Thomas
Hallelujia, praise the lamb Dawn Thomas, Gary McSpadden, Pam Thum
Happiness is the world Ira Stanphill
Happy man Pat Terry
Haven of rest, the H.L. Gilmour, George D. Moore
He Richard Mullen, Jack Richards
He came down to my level Dwight Liles
He careth for you Kurt Kaiser
He giveth more grace Annie Johnson Flint, Hubert Mitchell
He has a great name (great name) Dwight Liles, Mike Speck, Niles Borop
He hideth my soul Fanny J. Crosby, William J. Kirkpatrick
He is here Kirk Talley
He keeps lifting John D. Minick, Richard Wagner
He lives Alfred H. Ackley
He looked beyond my fault Dottie Rambo
He loved me with a cross Joel Lindsey
He never gave up on me Terry Robinson
He rose triumphantly B.D. Ackley, Oswald J. Smith
He touched me William J. Gaither
He was there all the time Gary S. Paxton
He will roll you over the tide Kyla Rowland
He'll come as no surprise Marcia Henry, Ronnie Hinson
He's as close as the mention of his name Gordon Jensen
He's everything to me Ralph Carmichael
He's got the world in his hands
He's still in the fire Tim Hill
He's still workin' on me Joel Hemphill
Headin' home Rusty Goodman
Heaven came down John W. Peterson
Heaven's jubilee Adger M. Pace, G.T. Speer, R.E. Winsett
Heavenly sunlight Henry J. Zelley, George Harrison Cook
Here we are Dallas Holm
Higher ground Johnson Oatman Jr., Carles H. Gabriel
Highway to heaven
His eye is on the sparrow Civilla D. Martin, Charles H. Gabriel
His grace is sufficient for me Mosie Lister
His name is life Carman, William J. Gaither
His name is wonderful Audrey Mieir
Hold to God's unchaining hand Jennie Wilson, F. l. Eiland, Clyde Williams
Holy ground Geron Davis
Holy is his name John Michael Talbot
Holy spirit, thou art welcome Dottie Rambo, David Huntsinger
Home Charles Aaron Wilburn, Rusty Goodman, Tanya Goodman Sykes
Home where I belong Pat Terry
How beautiful heaven must be A.S. Bridgewater, A.P. Bland
How big is God? Stuart Hamblen
How great thou art Stuart K. Hine
How long has it been Mosie Lister
How much more Rusty Goodman
I am not ashamed Dawn Thomas
I asked the lord Johnny Lange, Jimmy Duncan
I believe Ervin Drake, Irvin Graham, Jimmy Shirl, Al Stillman
I believe he died for me Colbert Croft, Joyce Croft
I believe he's coming back Rusty Goodman
I believe in a hill called mount calvary William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither, Dale Oldham
I bowed on my knees and cried holy Nettie Dudley Washington, E.M. Dudley Cantwell
I came to priase the lord William J. Gaither
I can't even walk Colbert Croft, Joyce Croft
I feel like traveling on William Hunter
I find no fault in him Andrae Crouch
I go to the rock Squire E. Parsons Jr.
I got to the rock Dottie Rambo
I have decided to follow Jesus Aulia Read
I just came to praise the lord Wayne Romero
I just feel like something good is about to happen William J. Gaither
I keep falling in love with him Lanny Wolfe
I know who holds tomorrow Ira Stanphill
I love you, lord Laurie Klein
I must tell Jesus Rev. Elisha A. Hoffman
I saw the light Hank Williams
I shall never forget the day G.T. Speer
I shall not be moved Edward H. Boatner
I should have been crucified Gordon Jensen
I stand amazed in the presence Charles H. Gabriel
I walked today where Jesus walked Goeffrey O'Hara, Daniel Twohig
I wanna be ready Aaron Brown, Garland Craft
I will bless the lord Frank Hernandez
I will glory in the cross Dottie Rambo
I will serve thee William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
I will sing of my redeemer Philip P. Bliss, James McGranahan
I wouldn't take nothing for my journey now Jimmie Davis, Charles F. Goodman
I'd rather be an old christian than anything Albert E. Brumley
I'd rather have Jesus Beverly Shea, Rhea Miller
I'll fly away Albert E. Brumley
I'll meet you in the morning Albert E. Brumley
I'll never be lonely again Audrey Mieir
I'll tell the world that I'm a christian Baynard Fox
I'm feeling fine Mosie Lister
I'm gonna keep walkin' Jerry Tompson, Niles Borop
I'm in the gloryland way J.S. Torbert
I'm in this church Joel Hemphill
I'm so glad
I'm standing on the solid rock Harold Lane
I've a home beyond the river John W. Peterson
I've been to calvary William J. Gaither
I've got more to go to heaven for Jack Campbell
I've got peace like a river
I've just seen Jesus William Gaither, Gloria Gaither, Danny Daniels
I've just started living Carroll McGruder
I've never been this homesick before Dottie Rambo
If it keeps getting better William Gaither
If that isn't love Dotttie Rambo
If we never meet again Albert E. Brumley
In my heart there rings a melody Elton Roth
In the garden C. Austin Miles
In the presence of Jehovah Geron Davis, Becky Davis
In times like these Ruth Caye Jones
Is that footsteps I hear? Colbert Croft, Joyce Croft
It is finished William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
It is not secret (what god can do) Stuart Hamblen
It is well with my soul Horatio G. Spafford, Philip P. Bliss
It made news in heaven (when I got saved) Gordon Jensen
It took a miracle John W. Peterson
It won't be long Andrae Crouch
It wouldn't be enough Don Aldridge
It's beginning to rain William Gaither, Gloria Gaither, C. Aaron Wilburn
It's my desire Jimmy Pearce
It's worth it all Laverne Tripp
Jesus be the lord of all Lanny Wolfe
Jesus got a hold of my life Dallas Holm
Jesus (he is the son of god) Danny Lee Stutzman
Jesus, I believe what you said William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Jesus is alive and well Betty Jean Robinson
Jesus is all the world to me Will L. Thompson
Jesus is coming again John W. Peterson
Jesus is coming soon R.E. Winsett
Jesus is lord of all William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Jesus is the sweetest name I know Lela Long
Jesus knows all about it Rusty Goodman
Jesus, Lord to me Greg Nelson, Gary McSpadden
Jesus loves the little children Rev. C.H. Woolston, George F. Root
Jesus paid it all H.M. Hall, John T. Grape
Jesus rocking chair Tim Greene
Jesus, we just want to thank you William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
John the revelator Rusty Goodman
Joshua (fit the battle of Jericho)
Joy comes in the morning William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Joy in the camp William Gaither
Joy is serving Jesus Oswald J. Smith, B.D. Ackley
Joy of the world, the Alliene G. Vale
Just a closer walk to thee Kenneth Morris
Just a little talk with Jesus Clevant Derricks
Just over in the gloryland J.W. Acuff, Emmett Dean
King is coming, the William Gaither, Gloria Gaither, Charles Millhuff
King of who I am, the Tany Goodman, Michael Sykes
Kum ba yah
Lamb of glory Greg Nelson, Phill MCHugh
Lead me to the rock Sheldon Wade Mencer
Learning on the everlasting arms Elisha A. Hoffman, Anthony J. Showalter
Learning to lean John Stallings
Leavin' on my mind Rusty Goodman
Let us break bread together
Let's just praise the lord William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Life's railway to heaven M.E. Abbey
Lift him up Reba Rambo McGuire
Light at the end of the darkness Larry Gatlin
Lighthouse, the Ronnie Hinson
Lily of the valley, the Charles W. Fry, William S. hays
Little is much when god is in it Mrs. F. W. Suffield, Dwight Brock
Longer I serve him, the William Gaither
Look for me Rusty Goodman
Looking for a city Marvin P. Dalton, Oliver Cooper
Lord, I'm coming home William J. Kirkpatrick
Lord, listen to your children praying Ken Medema
Lord's prayer, the Albert Hay Malotte
Love lifted me Howard E. Smith, James Rowe, Kenny Rogers
Love of god, the Frederick M Lehman
Make a blessing George S. Schuler, Ira B. Wilson
Mansion over the hilltop Ira Stanphill
Mercy called me by name Daryl K. Williams
Midnight cry Chuck Day, Greg Day
More of you William Gaither, Gloria Gaither, Gary Paxton
More than wonderful Lanny Wolfe
More than you'll ever know Phil Johnson
Morning has broken Eleanor Farjeon
Movin' up to glory land Lee Roy Abernathy
My father and I Joe E. Parks
My god is real (yes, god is real) Kenneth Morris
My Jesus, I love thee William R. Featherstone, Adoniram J. Gordon
My savior first of all Fanny J Crosby, John R. Sweney
My tribute Andrae Crouch
My wonderful lord Haldor Lillenas
Near the cross Fanny J. Crosby, William H. Doane
Nearer, my god, to thee Sarah F. Adams, Lowell Mason
New name in glory, a C. Austin Miles
Next time he comes, the Harold Lane
Night before easter, the Donnie Sumner, Dwayne Friend
No more night Walt Harrah
No, not one! Johnson Oatman Jr., George C. Hugg
No one ever cared for me like Jesus C.F. Weigle
No one understands like Jesus John W. Peterson
No other world for grace, but amazing L. Kirk Talley
Now I belong to Jesus Norman Clayton
Oh for a thousand tongues David Binion
Oh, how he loves you and me Kurt Kaiser
Oh, how I love Jesus Frederick Whitfield
Oh what a happy day Jack W. Campbell
Old landmark, the
Old rugged cross made the difference, the William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Old rugged cross, the Rev. George Bennard
On Jordan's stormy banks Samuel Stennett, Rigdon M. McIntosh
Only Jesus can satisfy your soul Lanny Wolfe
Only king, the Phil Cross, Carolyn Cross
Only the sound of his trumpet Mickey Mangun
Over the sunset mountains John W. Peterson
Part the waters Charles F. Brown
Pass it on Kurt Kaiser
Pass me not, o gentle savior Fanny Crosby, William H. Doane
Peace J.J. Zachary
Peace in the midst of the storm Stephen R. Adams
Perfect heart, a Reba Faye Rambo, Dony McGuire
Plenty of room in the family William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Potter, the Colbert Croft, Joyce Croft
Praise the lord, he never changes Ron Harris, Stormie Omartian
Praise the name of Jesus Roy Hicks Jr.
Precious lord, take my hand (take my hand, precious lord) Thomas A. Dorsey
Precious memories J.B.F. Wright
Put Jesus first in your life Joann Albert, Ron Harris
Put your hand in the hand Gene MacLellan
Reach out and touch Charles F. Brown
Reach out to Jesus Ralph Carmichael
Revive us again William MacKay, J.K. Husband
Rise again Dallas Holm
Rock of ages Augustus M. Toplady, Thoams Hastings
Room at the cross for you Ira Stanphill
Savior is waiting, the Ralph Carmichael
Say I do Ray Hildebrand
Send the light Charles H. Gabriel
Set another place at the table John Price, John Stalls, Aaron Wilburn
Shall we gather at the river? Robert Lowry
Sheltered in the arms of god Dottie Rambo, Jimmie Davis
Since Jesus came into my heart R.H. McDaniel, Charles H. Gabriel
Sinner saved by grace Mitch Humphries, William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Softly and tenderly Will L. Thompson
Some golden daybreak Carl Blackmore
Somebody touched heaven forme Savana Foust, Stan Shuman
Something beautiful William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Something good is going to happen to you Ralph Carichael
Soon and very soon Andrae Crouch
Spirit of the living god Daniel Iverson, Lowell Alexander
Spirit wings Claire Cloninger, Michael Foster
Springs of living water John W. Peterson
Standing the presence of the king Rusty Goodman
Statue of liberty, the Neil Enloe
Step into the water Kirk Talley
Stepping on the clouds Linda Stalls
Suppertime Ira Stanphill
Surely goodness and mercy John W. Peterson, Alfred B. Smith
Surely the persence of the lord is in this place Lanny Wolfe
Sweet Beulah land Squire Parsons
Sweet by and by Sanford Fillmore Bennett, Joseph P. Webster
Sweet hour of prayer William W. Walford, William B. Bradbury
Sweet Jesus Paul Goodwin
Sweet, sweet spirit Doris Akers
Sweeter as the days go by Genser Smith
Sweeter than the day before William Gaither
Sweetest song, the Gordon Jensen
Swing down chariot
Swing low, sweet chariot
Tabernacle Brent Lamb, Karla Worley
Teach me, lord, to wait Stuart Hamblen
Tears are a language God understands Gordon Jensen
Tears will never stain the streets of that city Dottie Rambo
Ten thousand angels Ray Overholt
Thank I'm free James McFall
Thank you, lord Seth Sykes, Bessie Sykes
Thanks for loving me Carroll McGruder
Thanks to calvary William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
That sounds like home to me Aaron Wilburn, Eddie Crook
Then came the morning William Gaither, Gloria Gaither, Chris Christian
Then I met the master Mosie Lister
There is a fountain William Cowper, Lowell Mason
There is power in the blood Lewis E. Jones
There rose a lamb Kyla Rowland
There shall be showers of blessing Daniel W. Whittle, James McGranahan
(There'll be) Peace in the valley (for me) Thomas A. Dorsey
There's something about that name William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
They that wait upon the lord Bernard Hamblin
They'll know we are christians by our love Peter Scholtes
This could be the dawning of that day William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
This is the day Les Garrett
This is the time I must sing William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
This little light of mine
This ole' house Stuart Hamblen
This world is not my home S.D. Burton, E.B. Graham
Thou art worthy Pauline Michael Mills
Through it all Andrae Crouch
Thy loving kindness Hugh Mitchell
'Til the storm passes by Mosie Lister
'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus Louisa M.R. Stead, William J. Kirkpatrick
To god be the glory Fanny J. Crosby, William H. Doane
Touch me again, lord Colbert Croft, Joyce Croft
Touch of the master's hand, the John Kramp
Touch through me Dottien Rambo
Touring that city Harold Lane
Triumphantly, the church will rise Kirk Talley
Try a little kindness Bobby Austin, Curt Sapaugh
Turn you radio on Albert E. Brumley
Turn your eyes upon Jesus Helen Lemmel
Unclouded day J.K. Alwood
Unshakable kingdon William Gaither, Gloria Gaither, Michael W. Smith
Until then Stuart Hamblen
Until you've known the love of god Rusty Goodman
Upon this rock Donny McGuire, Gloria Gaither
Victory in Jesus E.M. Bartlett
Wait'll you see my brand new home Rusty Goodman
Walk around me, Jesus Jan Buckner
Way that he loves, the W. Elmo Mercer
We are persuaded William Gaither, Gloria Gaither, Dony McGuire
We are so blessed William Gaither, Gloria Gaither, Greg Nelson
We bring the sacrifice Kirk Dearman
We have come into his house Bruce Ballinger
We have this moment, today William Gaither, Gloria Gaither
We shall behold him Dottie Rambo
We shall overcome Zilphia Horton, Frank Hamilton, Guy Carawan, Pete Seeger
We shall rise
We shall wear a crown Rex Nelon
We'll soon be dome with troubles and trials Clevant Derricks
We'll talk it over Ira Stanphill
We'll understand it better by and by Charles A. Tindley
We're almost home Rusty Goodman
Were you there? Charles Winfred Douglas
What a beautiful day Aaron Wilburn, Eddie Crock
What a day that will be Jim Hill
What a freind we have in Jesus Joseph Scriven, Charles C. Converse
What I want you to be Aaron Brown, Dave Hall
When God dips his love Cleavant Derricks
When he was on the cross (I was on his mind) Ronald Michael Payne, Ronny Hinson
When I can ready my title clear Isaac Watts, Joseph C. Lowry
When the roll is called up yonder James M. Black
When the saints go marching in Katherine E. Purvis, James M. Black
When we all get to heaven E.E. Hewitt, J.G. Wilson
When we see Christ Esther Kerr Rusthoi
Where could I go J.B. Coates
Where no one stands alone Mosie Lister
Where the spirit of the lord is Stephen R. Adams
Whispering hope Alice Hawthrone
Who I am Rusty Goodman
"Whosoever" meaneth me J. Edwin McConnell
Why me? (why me lord?) Kris Kristofferson
Will the circle be unbroken Ada R. Habershon, Charles H. Gabriel
Wings of a dove Bob Ferguson
Without him Mylon LeFevre
Wonder of it all, the George Beverly Shea
Wonderful feeling, a Lanny Wolfe
Wonderful grace of Jesus
Wonderful time up here, a (everybody's gonna have a wonderful time up here) Lee Roy Abernathy
World didn't give it to me, the William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither, Gary S. Paxton
Worthy the lamb William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Would you Grace Hawthorne, Buryl Red
Written in red Gordon Jensen
You make it rain for me Larry Stallings
You'll never walk alone Oscar Hammerstein, Richard Rodgers
Your grace still amazes me David Lehamn, Tony Brown, Ken Harding

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