Book Title: Gospel's Best Words and Music
Song count: 525 songs
Imprint: New York : Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation, 1983
Callnumber: MP1630.28 .G673 1983

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Song Title Composer
All because of Jesus Dick Reid, Vivian Reid
All god's children William J. Gaither, Charles Milhuff
All my life Michael Omartian, Stormie Omartian
All my trials
Alleluia Larry Gatlin
Amazing Grace John Newton
Amen Jester Hairston
America the beautiful Katherine Lee Bates, Samuel A. Ward
American trilogy, an Mickey Newbury
Antioch church house choir Darrell Holt
Ave Maria Schubert
Ave Maria Bach-Gounod
Baptism of Jesse Taylor, the Dallas Frazier, Sanger D. Shafer
Baruch hashem adonai Dawn Rodgers, Tricia Walker
Battle hymn of the Republic Julia Ward Howe
Be a friend Hal Newman, Rachel Newman
Be still my soul Russ Taff, Tori Taff
Beautiful savior Joe Huffman , Aaron Brown
Because Teschemacher , D'Hardelot
Because he lives Gloria Gaither, William J. Gaither
Behold the lamb Dottie Rambo
Beyond the sunset Blanche Kerr Brock, Virgil P. Brock
Bigger than any mountain Gordon Jensen
Blessed assurance Phoebe P. Knapp
Blood will never lose it's power, the Andrae Crouch
Born again Andrew Culverwell
Born to fly Aaron Wilburn
Bought by the blood Lou Wills Hildreth
Brighten the corner where you are Charles H. Gabriel, Ina Duley Ogdon
Bring back the springtime Kurt Kaiser
Brush, the Chuck Millhuf
Build an ark Paul Evans
Build my mansion Dottie Rambo
Calm this storm for me Larry Stallings
Calvary covers it all Mrs. Walter G. Taylor
Canaanland is just in sight Jeff Gibson
Carry on Jim Weber, Billy Sprague, Brown Bannister
Church in the wildwood, the WM. S. Pitts
Church of the living god, the Harold Lane
Church triumphant, the William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither
City of gold Shirley Cohron
Clean before my lord Honeytree
Climb ev'ry mountain Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II
Cloud he's coming back on, the James Payne
Coloring song, the David Eden
Come and dine C. B. Widmeyer
Come holy spirit William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Come into the ark Gordon Jensen
Come morning Dee Gaskin
Come on down Jack W. Hayford, Steve Stone
Come to me Rose Warnke
Coming of the lord, the Gordon Jensen
Cornerstone Leon Patillo
Cornerstone, the Lari Goss
Count me in John Thompson, Randy Scruggs, Michael Card
Cover me Andrew Culverwell
Crying in the chapel Artie Glenn
Daddy sang bass Carl Perkins
Day he wore my crown, the Phil Johnson
Deep river
Didn't we papa Aaron Wilburn
Do lord
Don't ever let go of my hand Lynda Faye, Aaron Brown
Drawin' from the well Phil Johnson
Eagle song Russell Taff , Tori Taff
Eastern gate, the I. G. Martin
El Shaddai John Thompson, Michael Card
Everybody will be happy over there E. M. Bartlett
Everything is beautiful Ray Stevens
Everything to me Kent Smith, Lance Abair
Excuses Harold S. Leake
Exodus song, the Ernest Gold, Pat Boone
Faith takes a vision James Ward
Family of God, the William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Farther along W. B. Stevens, J. R. Baxter, Jr.
Father lift me up Honeytree
Father's eyes Gary Chapman
Fill my cup, Lord Richard Blanchard
Finally Gary Chapman
First look, the Ira C. Knight
First million years, the Colbert Croft, Joyce Croft
Following you Phil Johnson
For loving me Aaron Wilburn
For the love of it Jerry Michael, Kathleen Murdock
Forever is a long, long time Gordon Jensen
Free Terry Wayne Robinson
Future's looking brighter, the Colbert Croft, Joyce Croft
Gentle rain Thelma Kent
Gentle Shepherd William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Get all excited William J. Gaither
Give me that old time religion
Give me wings lord Randy Lee
Give them all to Jesus Phil Johnson, Bob Benson,Sr.
Go Leon Patillo
God took away my yesterdays
God's gonna do the same Ronny Hinson
God's little people Aaron Wilburn
God's wonderful people Lanny Wolfe
(Going to live in) Green Pastures H. W. Vanhoose
Goodbye world, goodbye Mosie Lister
Got to tell somebody Don Francisco
Great reward, the Hal Newman, Rachel Newman
Great speckled bird, the Rev. Guy Smith
Greater is he that is in me Lanny Wolfe
Had it not been Rusty Goodman
Hallelujah square Ray Overholt
Hallelujah train Juanita Southern
Harvest John Walter Woodward, Jerry Chestnut
Have a nice day with Jesus Lanny Wolfe
Have faith in God B. B. McKinney
He Jack Richards, Richard Mullan
He alone Phil Johnson, Gary S. Paxton
He believes in me Ervin Drake, Bernie Wayne
He believes in me Hal Newman, Rachel Newman
He careth for you Kurt Kaiser
He did it all for me Duane Allen, Sager Powell
He didn't lift us up to let us down Phil Johnson
He grew the tree Chuck Lawrence
He keeps lifting Rick Goodman, John D. Minick
He keeps me singing Luther B. Bridgers
He lives A. H. Ackley
He looked beyond my fault Dottie Rambo
He means all to me Dallas Holm
He set me free Albert E. Brumley
He speaks to me Tanya Goodman
He touched me William J. Gaither
He turned the water into wine Johnny Cash
He was there all the time Gary S. Paxton
He will roll you over the tide Kyla Rowland
He'll stand by me Harold Lane
He's alive Don Francisco
He's as close as the mention of his name Gordon Jensen
He's everything to me Ralph Carmichael
He's gonna listen Paul Overstreet, Tony Brown, Donny Lowery
He's gonna smile on me Clifford Curry, Thomas Cain
He's got it all in control Archie P. Jordan
He's got religion Jerry Wayne Gillespie
He's got the whole world in his hands
He's my best friend Wayland Holyfield
He's only a prayer away Hal Newman, Spooner Oldham
He's still working on me Joel Hemphill
Headin' home Rusty Goodman
Heart o' mine Dallas Holm
Heartmender Aaron Wilburn, Dave Lehman
Heaven can happen Mark Collie, Gloria Thomas
Heaven's surrounding sweetwater Levoy Dewey, Cleon Dewey
Heir, an Michael Speck
Help me Larry Gatlin
Here they come Jim Wood, Beth Glass
Here we are Dallas Holm
Hey! I'm a believer Dallas Holm
Hey Jesus, you're my best friend Mary Ann Kennedy, Don Goodman
His eye on the sparrow Mrs. S. A. Martin
His name is wonderful Audrey Mieir
Hold on Tony Brown, Paul Overstreet
Holy hills of heaven call me, the Dottie Rambo
Holy spirit, be with us this hour Janis Smith
Holy spirit, flow through me W. C. Mills
Home Aaron Wilburn, Rusty Goodman, Tanya Goodman
Home where I belong Pat Terry
Hosanna Tricia Walker
How beautiful heaven must be Bridgewater, Bland
How do I look leaving this world Joan Ewing
How great thou art Stuart K. Hine
How long has it been Mosie Lister
How majestic is your name Michael W. Smith
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
I am loved Gloria Gaither, William J. Gaither
I am willing lord Kurt Kaiser
I believe Ervin Drake, Irvin Graham , Jimmy Shirl, Al Stillman
I believe he died for me Colbert Croft, Joyce Croft
I believe he's coming back Rusty Goodman
I believe in a hill called Mt. Calvary Dale Oldham, Gloria Gaither, William J. Gaither
I believe in you Buddy Cannon, Gene Dunlap
I came on business for the king Joel Hemphill
I came to praise the lord William J. Gaither
I can do all things (through Christ Jesus) Tammy Cason, Austin Roberts
I can feel the touch of his hand J. D. Sumner
I can't even walk (without you holding my hand) Colbert Croft, Joyce Croft
I don't want to live no more without Jesus Carvel Horton
I feel it in my soul Ben L. Speer
I feel like traveling on William Hunter
I feel so good about it Dave Redman
I find no fault in him Andrea Crouch
I give it all to you Tom Lynn Hemby
I go to the rock Dottie Rambo
I have Walt Mills
I have decided Michael Card
I just began to live G. T Speer
I just feel like something good is about to happen William J. Gaither
I keep falling in love with him Lanny Wolfe
I know the lord will make a way for me
I need a miracle B. J. Thomas, Gloria Thomas, B. W. Stevenson
I never gave up Denny Duron
I never shall forget the day G. T. Speer
I owe it all to Jesus Levoy Dewey, Cleon Dewey
I saw the light Hank Williams
(I saw you last night) In the arms of my best friend Rusty Goodman, Ronald Moore
I shall not be moved
I should have been crucified Gordon Jensen
I sing Jesus Gordon Jensen
I wanna be ready Aaron Brown, Garland Craft
I will believe Tom Campbell, Margaret Harris
I will serve thee William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither
I would crawl all the way (to the river) Curly Putman, Dan Wilson, Bucky Jones
I wouldn't take nothing for my journey now Charles Goodman, Jimmie Davis
I'd climb the highest mountain Lew Brown, SIdney Clare
I'd rather believe in you Stormie Omartian, Michael Omartian
I'll be ready Ann Ballard
I'll fly away Albert E. Brumley
I'll have a new life Luther B. Presley
I'll just lay it down Dee Gaskin
I'll keep holding on to Jesus Roger Horne
I'll meet you in the morning Albert E. Brumley
I'll never be lonely again Audrey Mier
I'll see you in the rapture Charles B. Feltner
I'll walk dem golden stairs Culley Holt
I'm following you John Cox, Debbie Cox
I'm forgiven Michael Omartian, Bruce Hibbard, Hadley Hockensmith
I'm gonna go higher Aaron Wilburn, Rusty Goodman
I'm in this church Joel Hemphill
I'm in tune GloriaThomas, Larry Kingston, Lathan Kingston
I'm standing on the solid rock Harold Lane
I'm taking a flight Katherine Boyington
I'm the reason Colbert Croft, Joyce Croft
I'm too busy followin' footsteps Dianne Mays
I've already won the war Thomas M. Alexander
I've been redeemed Larry Stallings
I've been to Calvary William J. Gaither
I've got confidence Andrae Crouch
I've got more to go to heaven for Jack Campbell
I've never been this homesick before Dottie Rambo
If god is dead (who's that living in my soul) Lawrence Reynolds
If he can move a mountain (he can move a heart) John Randolph Cox, Chris Waters, Don Cusic
If it keeps gettin' better William J. Gaither
If that isn't love Dottie Rambo
If we never meet again Albert E. Brumley
If you can't find love Willy Richardson, Mary Ann Lomax
If you had known me Joan Ewing
In the garden C. Austin Miles
In the middle of the night Tony Brown, Paul Overstreet
In the valley he restoreth my soul Dottie Rambo
Is that footsteps I hear? Colbert Croft, Joyce Croft
It is finished William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither
It made news in heaven Gordon Jensen
It must have rained in heaven Larry Gatlin
It took a miracle John W. Peterson
It wasn't enough Larry Bryant
It won't be long Andrae Crouch
It'll be different (the next time you come) Joan Ewing
It's a joy Michael Speck
It's beginning to rain Gloria Gaither, Aaron Wilburn, William J. Gaither
It's different now David Beatty
It's my desire Jimmy Pearce
Jesus be the lord of all Lanny Wolfe
Jesus got ahold of my life Dallas Holm
Jesus, I believe what you said William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Jesus is alive and well Betty Jean Robinson
Jesus is coming soon R. E. Winsett
Jesus is mine Wally Fowler, Virginia Stout Cook
Jesus is the answer Andrae Crouch, Sandra Crouch
Jesus is the man for the hour Sammy Hall
Jesus is the sweetest name I know Long, Sumner
Jesus is your ticket to heaven Archie P. Jordan
Jesus knows all about it Rusty Goodman
Jesus lord to me Greg Nelson, Gary McSpadden
Jesus made a believer out of me Lanny Wolfe
Jesus savior, pilot me Edward Hopper, J. E. Gould
Jesus will outshine them all Gordon Jensen
John the revelator Rusty Goodman
Joshua fit de battle of Jericho
Journey, the Ragan Courtney, Cynthia Clawson
Joy in serving the lord, the William J. Gaither
Joybells Letha Blankenship
Just a closer walk with thee K. Morris
Just a little talk with Jesus Clevant Derricks
Just any day now Eddie Crook , Aaron Wilburn
Keep on the firing line J. R. Baxter, Jr.
King is coming, the WIlliam J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither, Charles Milhuff
King Jesus Del Delamont
Known by the heart Honeytree
Kum ba yah
Last train to glory Walter Carter
Lead me, guide me Doris Akers
Leaning on the everlasting arms Rev. C. A. Huffman, A. J. Showalter
Learning to lean John Stallings
Leave it in the hands of the lord Dave Lehman, Jim Black
Leavin' on my mind Rusty Goodman
Let me live Ben Peters
Let the lower lights be burning P. P. Bliss
Let them know Lanny Wolfe
Let your love be a light unto the people John Ragsdale
Let's just praise the lord WIlliam J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Life time friend Debbie Cox
Life's railway to heaven M. E. Abbey
Lift up the name of Jesus Phil Johnson
Light at the end of the darkness Larry Gatlin
Lighthouse, the Ronnie Hinson
Lillies of the field Linda Hargrove
Little boy from the carpenter's shop Dwane Friend
Little one Shirley Watson
Live for Jesus Honeytree
Living by faith James Wells, J. L. Heath
Living without your love Tom Lynn Hemby
Look for me Rusty Goodman
Looking for a city W. Oliver Cooper, Marvin P. Dalton
Lord, I hope this day is good Dave Hanner
Lord of the harvest Paul Smith, James Newton Howard
Love found a pardon Donnie Sumner, Aaron Brown
Love lifted me James Rowe, Howard E. Smith
Love seeds Jeannie Kendall
Love will roll the clouds away Geneva Stroud, Hale Reeves
Make a new me Cindy Cruse
Mansion over the hilltop Ira F. Stanphill
Me and Jesus Tom T. Hall
Mercy river Larry Gatlin
Mexico Luverne Isbell
Miracle man Aaron Wilburn, Dave Lehman
Mirror Ron Harris,Carol Harris
Mizpah (the Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from another) Byron Walls
More of you Gloria Gaither, WIlliam J. Gaither, Gary S. Paxton
More than you'll ever know Phil Johnson
My god is real (yes, god is real) Kenneth Morris
My house is your house Jennifer Graham, Aaron Wilburn , Willy Richardson
My tribute Andrae Crouch
Nearer my god to thee Lowell Mason
Never be Phil Johnson
New song, a Nancy Cruse, Cindy Cruse, Becky Cruse
Night before Easter, the Don Sumner, Dwayne Friend
No man is an island Joan Whitney, Alex Kramer
No shortage Gary S. Paxton
Noah found grace in the eyes of the lord Robert Schmertz
Nothin' improves my day (better than praisin' him) Larry Bryant
Now I have everything Charlie Vandell, David Ingles
Now that I've found your love Kent Smith
Oh Buddha Mark Farrow
Oh come, angel band William B. Bradley, J. Haskell
Oh, how he loves you and me Kurt Kaiser
Oh what a happy day Jack W. Campbell
Old country church, the J. D. Sumner
Old gospel ship, the G. T. Speer
Old rugged cross made the difference, the William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Old rugged cross, the George Bernard
On the way home Betty Jean Robinson
On the wings of my victory Bob Corbin
One day too late Lanny Wolfe
One little step at a time Bernie Wayne, Marvin Moore
One more day Garland Craft
One more song for you Stormie Omartian, Michael Omartian
One more time Les Beasley
Only believe Paul Rader
Only for the love of the lord Keith Thomas
Only the sound of his trumpet Mickey Mangun
Onward christian soldiers Baring-Gould, Sullivan
Our God, he is alive A. W. Dicus
Over the next hill we'll be home Johnny Cash
Owner of the store, the Rosey Fitchpatrick, Red Lane, Lathan Lane
Papa's sugar Sonny Throckmorton
Part time servant Claire Cloninger, Keith Thomas
Pass it on Kurt Kaiser
Pass me not
Peace J. J. Zachary
Perfect example, the Barney T. Sudderth
Pilgrim, the Honeytree
Please search the book again Jerry Goff
Praise the lord Buzz Cason, Freddy Weller
Praise the lord, he never changes Stormie Sherric, Ron Harris
Pray for me Aaron Wilburn, Gloria Thomas, B. J. Thomas
Precious memories J. B. F. Wright
Put Jesus first in your life Joanne Albert, Ron Harris
Put something back Aaron Wilburn, Joe Huffman
Reach for your faith Tracy Zinn
Reach out and touch Charles F. Brown
Ready or not Mike Payne
Redemption draweth nigh Gordon Jensen
Remember me Nancy Cruse, Becky Cruse, Cindy Cruse
Remember whose child you are Steve Chapman
Rise again Dallas Holm
Rock of ages Toplady, Hastings
Romans 8:28 Steve Powell
Room at the cross for you Ira F. Stanphill
Safely in the arms of Jesus Sonny Throckmorton
Sail for the other side Lonna Miller
Sail on Atlanta Pete Drake, B. J. Thomas, Carl Gresson
Sailing on the sea of your love Ken Harding, Dave Lehman
Salvation Elton John, Bernie Taupin
Satan, you're a liar Aaron Wilburn
Savior is waiting, the Ralph Carmichael
Say I do Ray Hilderbrand
Secret place, the Steve Chapman
Set another place at the table John Stalls, John Price, Aaron Wilburn
Sheltered in the arms of God Dottie Rambo, Jimmie Davis
Show me the way Mark Padden, Gary Hurt
Since Jesus came into my heart R. H. McDaniel, Chas H. Gabriel
Sincerely yours Gary Chapman
Sing your praise to the lord Richard Mullins
Singer, the Lonna Miller
Singing a love song Jim Weber
Softly and tenderly Will L. Thompson
Soldier in the army Ronny Hinson
Soldier of the light David Baroni
Some golden daybreak C. A. Blackmore, Carl Blackmore
Somebody touched heaven for me Savana Foust, Stan Shuman
Someday Roger Horne
Someday this old road won't be so long Buddy Cannon, Raleigh Squires
Someone to care Jimmie Davis
Something beautiful Gloria Gaither, William J. Gaither
Song for you, a Cynthia Clawson
Song holy angels cannot sing, a Gordon Jensen
Soon and very soon Andrae Crouch
Soul set free, a Tony Brown, Paul Overstreet
Special delivery Ron Harris, Carol Harris
Spirit wings Claire Cloninger, Michael Foster
Spreadin' like wildfire Hal Newman, Rachel Newman
Step into the water Kirk Talley
Stepping on the clouds Linda Stalls
Stone's throw away Phil Johnson
Stubborn love Amy Grant, Gary Chapman, Sloan Towner, Brown Bannister, Michael W. Smith
Sun's coming up, the Dee Gaskin
Sunrise in the morning Vaughn Thacker
Suppertime Ira F. Stanphill
Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place Lanny Wolfe
Sweet Beulah land Squire Parsons
Sweet by and by H. F. Bennett, J. P. Webster
Sweet harmony Harry Browning
Sweet, sweet spirit Doris Akers
Sweeter gets the journey Fred Hess
Swing low, sweet chariot
Take my hand, precious Lord Thomas A. Dorsey
Teach me to see Aaron Wilburn, Gloria Thomas
Tears will never stain the streets of that city Dottie Rambo
Tears will stop this side of heaven Jerry Goff
Tell 'em again Dallas Holm
Tell them all Paul Clark
Ten Thousand years Elmer Cole
Thank god I am free James McFall
Thank god I've made it Gene Anderson
Thanks to Calvary WIlliam J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither
That glad reunion day Adger M. Pace
That's just like Jesus Garland Craft
That's the man I'm looking for Don Lee
That's waht's wrong with the world today Larry Kingston, Gloria Thomas, Lathan Thomas
There is a light Phil Johnson
(There'll be) Peace in the valley Thomas A. Dorsey
There's something about that name William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither
There's something in the air Lanny Wolfe
Thing called love, a Jerry Hubbard
Things are looking right Steve Chapman
This could be the dawning of that day William J. Gaither, Gloria Gatiher
Through his eyes Jennifer Graham, Debi Good
Through it all Andrae Crouch
Through the blood Jeff Gibson
Till the land Ronny Hinson
Today's gonna be a brighter day Lynda Faye, Aaron Brown
Touch of the master's hand, the John Kramp
Touching Jesus John Stallings
Touring that city Harold Lane
Trumpet of Jesus, the Stormie Omartian, Michael Omartian
Turn to Jesus Hal Newman, Rachel Newman
Turn your eyes upon Jesus Helen H. Lemmel
Turn your radio on Albert E. Brumley
Unblind yourself Darrell Puckett, Keith Dickerson
Until you've known the love of God Rusty Goodman
Victory in Jesus E. M. Bartlett
Wait'll you see my brand new home Rusty Goodman
Walking on the water Ruby Moody, Dave Lehman
Wasted years Wally Fowler
We are persuaded William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither, Dony McGuire
We are the reason David Meece
We are those children Jeff Gibson
We belong to the family Dick Reid, Vivian Reid
We come to worship Denny Duron
We shall behold him Dottie Rambo
We shall overcome Zilphia Horton, Frank Hamilton, Guy Carawan, Pete Seeger
We shall wear a crown Rex Nelson
We'll soon be done with troubles and trials Clevant Derricks
We're almost home Rusty Goodman
We're together again Gordon Jensen
Wedding invitation, a Kyla Rowland
What a beautiful day (for the Lord to come again) Aaron Wilburn, Eddie Crook
What a day that will be JimHill
What a difference you've made in my life Archie P. Jordan
What a savior Marvin P. Dalton
What a singing Dee Gaskin
What a time over there Dick Reid , Vivian Reid
What I want you to be Aaron Brown, Dave Hall
What sins are you talking about Harold Lane, Ben L. Speer
What you say is what you get Reba Rambo
Whatever it takes Lanny Wolfe
When God dips his love in my heart Clevant Derricks
When I didn't have a prayer Harlan Sanders, Russell Pate
When I say Jesus Phil Johnson
When I wake up to sleep no more Marion W. Easterling
When you're following Jesus Joe Huffman, Chris Waters
Where could I go J. B. Coats
Whispering hope Alice Hawthorne
Whither thou goest Guy SInger
Who am I Rusty Goodman
Why me, Lord? Kris Kristofferson
Why shoud I worry or fret William J. Gaither
Will the circle by unbroken Ada R. Habershon, Chas H. Gabriel
Wings of a dove Bob Ferguson
Without him Mylon LeFevre
Wonderful feeling, a Lanny Wolfe
Wonderful time up there, a Leroy Abernathy
Wonders you perform, the Jerry Chesnut
Woodsman, the Rusty Goodman
Words and music George Gagliardi
World didn't give it to me, the William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither, Gary S. Paxton
World needs a melody, the Red Lane, Larry Hanley, Johnny Slate
Worthy the lamb William J. Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Would they love him down in Shreveport Bobby Braddock
Would you Grace Hawthorne, Buryl Red
You are all I need Kenny Bledsoe, Amy Corin, Carl Dobbins, Cliff RIchmond, Leonard Wolf
you bring out the love in me Kent Blazy, Keith Freeman
You gave me a mountain Marty Robbins
You gave me love Archie Jordan, Claire Cloninger
You make it rain for me Larry Stallings
You needed me Randy Goodrum
You'll never walk alone Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein ll
You're gonna love your new life with the lord Phil Johnson
You're ride's on the way Joan Ewing
You're the reason Dave Lehman, Jerry Michael, Ken Harding
You've made my life worth living Randy Best
Your grace still amazes me Dave Lehman, Tony Brown, Ken Harding

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