Book Title: Chicago Fake Book, The
Song count: 187 songs
Imprint: Milwaukee : Hal Leonard, 199-
Callnumber: MP1630.28 .C454 1990

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Song Title Composer
25 or 6 to 4 Robert Lamm
A.M. mourning Terry Kath, Peter Matz
Ain't it blue Robert Lamm
Aire Danny Seraphine, Walter Parazaider, James Pankow
Alive again James Pankow
All is well Robert Lamm
Alma Mater Terry Kath
Along comes a woman Mark Goldenberg, Peter Cetera
American dream, the James Pankow
Another rainy day in New York city Robert Lamm
Anxiety's moment James Pankow
Anyway you want me Peter Cetera
Approaching storm, the James Pankow
At the sunrise Robert Lamm
Baby what a big surprise Peter Cetera
Bad advice James Pankow, Peter Cetera, David Foster
Beginnings Robert Lamm
Brand new love affair part 1 James Pankow
Brand new love affair part 2 James Pankow
Byblos Terry Kath
Call on me Lee Loughnane
Canon James Pankow
Chasin' the wind Diane Warren
Colour my world James Pankow
Come in from the night Bill Champlin, Bruce Gaitsch
Critic's choice Robert Lamm
Darlin' dear Robert Lamm
Devil's sweet Danny Seraphine, Walter Parazaider
Dialogue (part I) Robert Lamm
Dialogue (part II) Robert Lamm
Does anybody know what time it is? Robert Lamm
Dreamin' home Terry Kath
Explain it to my heart Diane Warren
Fallin' out Terry Kath
Fancy colours Robert Lamm
Feelin' stonger every day Peter Cetera, James Pankow
Flight 602 Robert Lamm
Follow me James Pankow, David Foster
Forever Robert Lamm, Bill Gable
Free Robert Lamm
Free country Robert Lamm, Terry Kath, Walter Parazaider
Gently I'll wake you Robert Lamm
Get away Peter Cetera, Robert Lamm, David Foster
God save the queen James Pankow, Jason Scheff
Gone long gone Peter Cetera
Goodbye Robert Lamm
Hanky panky Robert Lamm
Happy 'cause I'm going home Robert Lamm
Happy man Pater Cetera
Hard habit to break John Lewis Parker, Stephen Kipner
Hard risin' morning without breakfast, a Terry Kath
Hard to say I'm sorry Peter Cetera, David Foster
Harry Truman Robert Lamm
Hideaway Peter Cetera
Hit by Varese, a Robert Lamm
Hold on Peter Cetera
Holdin' on Tom Saviano, Bill Champlin
Hollywood Robert Lamm
Hope for love Terry Kath
Hot streets Robert Lamm
I believe Bill Champlin
I don't wanna live without your love Diane Warren, Albert Hammond
I don't want your money Robert Lamm, Terry Kath
I stand up Robert Lamm, Gerard McMahon
I'd rather be rich Robert Lamm
I'm a man Jimmy Miller, Steve Winwood
(I've been) Searchin' so long James Pankow
If it were you Darin Scheff, Jason Scheff, Tony Smith
If she would have been faithful Steve Kipner, Randy Goodrum
If you leave me now Peter Cetera
In terms of two Peter Cetera
In the country Terry Kath
Introduction Terry Kath
It better end soon - 1st movement Robert Lamm
It better end soon - 2nd movement Robert Lamm, Walter Parazaider
It better end soon - 3rd movement Robert Lamm, Terry Kath
It better end soon - 4th movement Robert Lamm
It's alright Bill Champlin, David Foster
Italian from New York Robert Lamm
Jenny Terry Kath
Just you 'n' me James Pankow
Liberation James Pankow
Life saver Robert Lamm
Listen Robert Lamm
Little Miss Lovin' Peter Cetera
Loneliness is just a word Robert Lamm
Long time no see Robert Lamm
Look away Diane Warren
Loser with a broken heart Peter Cetera
Love me tomorrow Peter Cetera, David Foster
Love was new Robert Lamm
Lowdown Peter Cetera, Danny Seraphine
Make me smile James Pankow
Mama mama Peter Cetera
Mama take Peter Cetera
Man to woman Jason Scheff, Adam Mitchell
Man vs. man: The end James Pankow
Manipulation Robert Lamm
Memories of love Terry Kath
Mississippi Delta City blues Terry Kath
Mongonucleosis James Pankow
Morning blues again Terry Kath
Mother Robert Lamm
Movin' in James Pankow
Never been in love before Robert Lamm
Niagra Falls Bobby Caldwell, Stephen Kniper
No tell lover Lee Loughnane, Danny Seraphine, Peter Cetera
Nothin's gonna stop us now Jason Scheff, Buzzy Feiten
Now more than ever James Pankow
Now that you've gone James Pankow
Off to work Terry Kath
Oh thank you great spirit Terry Kath
Old days James Pankow
Once from the heart Robert Lamm, Gerard McMahon
Once in a lifetime James Pankow
Once or twice Terry Kath
Once upon a time... James Pankow
One more day James Pankow, Carmen Grillo
Only time can heal the wounded Robert Lamm, Gerard McMahon
Only you James Pankow, David Foster
Over and over Robert Lamm, James Newton Howard, Steve Lukather
Overnight cafe Peter Cetera
P.M. Mourning Terry Kath, Peter Matz
Paradise alley Robert Lamm
Please hold on Bill Champlin, David Foster, Lionel Richie
Poem 58 Robert Lamm
Poem for the people Robert Lamm
Policeman Robert Lamm
Prelude Terry Kath, Peter Matz
Prima donna Peter Cetera, Mark Goldenberg
Progress? James Pankow, James Guercio
Questions 67 and 68 Robert Lamm
Rediscovery Robert Lamm
Remember the feeling Bill Champlin, Peter Cetera
Reruns Robert Lamm
Rescue you Peter Cetera, David Foster
Road, the Terry Kath
Run away James Pankow
Runaround Jason Scheff, Bill Champlin
Saturday in the park Robert Lamm
Scrapbook Robert Lamm
Sing a mean tune, kid Robert Lamm
Skin tight James Pakow
Skinny boy Robert Lamm
So much to say, so much to give James Pankow
Someday (August 29, 1968) Robert Lamm, James Pankow
Something in this city changes people Robert Lamm
Song for Richard and his friends, a Robert Lamm
Song for you Peter Cetera
Song of the evergreens Terry Kath
Sonny think twice Bill Champlin, Daniel Seraphine
South California purples Robert Lamm
State of the union Robert Lamm
Stay the night Peter Cetera, David Foster
Take a chance Lee Loughnane, Stash Wagner
This time Lee Loughnane
Thunder and lightning Robert Lamm, Daniel Seraphine, Peter Cetera
Till the end of time James Pankow
Till we meet again Terry Kath
To be free James Pankow
Together again Lee Loughnane
Upon arrival Robert Lamm, Peter Cetera
Uptown Terry Kath, Fred Kagen
Victorious Marc Jordan, John Capek
Vote for me Robert Lamm
Waiting for you to decide Steve Lukather, David Foster, David Paich
Wake up the sunshine Robert Lamm
We can last forever Jason Scheff, John Dexter
We can stop the hurtin' Bill Champlin, Robert Lamm, Debrah Neal
West Virginia fantasies James Pankow
What can I say James Pankow, David Foster
What does it take Jason Scheff, Gerard McMahon
What else can I say Peter Cetera
What kind of man would I be? Jason Scheff, Bobby Caldwell, Chas Sanford
What's this world comin' to James Pankow
Where did the lovin' go Peter Cetera, Angelo Arvonio
Where do we go from here Peter Cetera
While the city sleeps Robert Lamm
Who do you love Dennis Matkosky, Bill Champlin
Will you still love me Richard Baskin, Tom Keane, David Foster
Window dreamin' Walter Parazaider, Lee Loughnane
Wishing you were here Peter Cetera
Woman don't want to love me, the Robert Lamm
You are on my mind James Pankow
You get it up Robert Lamm
You're not alone Jimmy Scott
You're the inspiration Peter Cetera, David Foster

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