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General Questions
Who has access to the Stan Getz Library?
Although only Berklee affiliates may borrow from the library and media center, the library is open to the public during regular hours. Berklee affiliates include current students, faculty, and staff, as well as alumni and Five-Week students. Visitors may view any available books or scores while in the library. Those who are not members of the Berklee community and wish to use the media center must contact manager Ralph Rosen at 617-747-8338 to obtain a Guest Pass.

Why are you called the “Stan Getz Library”?
The Stan Getz Library was dedicated in 1998 to the memory of the great jazz saxophonist through a generous gift from the Herb Alpert Foundation. Please note that the library does not own a special collection or archive of Stan Getz material.

I am not a current Berklee student. Can I still visit your library?
You are welcome to visit the library and use the books and scores within the library. If you want to borrow material from the Stan Getz Library, you may request them through your college's Interlibrary Loan program. Interlibrary Loan is also an option available at most public libraries.

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What can I check out of the library and for how long?
Currently enrolled Berklee students can check out up to 10 scores, books, learning DVDs, and play-along CDs for up to two weeks. Students may also check out up to 3 CDs and DVDs from the media center for up to 3 days. Reserve and limited access items may be used for up to two hours; library limited access items and media center reserve items must be used on the premises.

Alumni can check out up to 5 scores, books, learning DVDs, and play-along CDs for up to two weeks. Alumni may also check out 1 CD or DVD from the media center for up to 3 days. Reserve and limited access items may be used for up to two hours; library limited access items and media center reserve items must be used on the premises.

Five-Week students have the same library borrowing privileges as alumni for the duration of their program. However, all library material must be returned by week four of the program. In addition, they may only use media center items on the premises.

How can I renew an item?
Items may be renewed in person at the library circulation desk or online in the "My Account" section of the library catalog, unless the item is on hold for another person. Items on reserve, CDs and DVDs cannot be renewed. All library material is due before the session or semester ends.

Online Renewal Tutorial video (2 minutes)

How long can I check class reserve material out for?
Currently enrolled Berklee students and alumni can check out class reserve material for up to two hours. This includes books, textbooks, lead sheets, fake books and course packets. You may take reserve material out of the library, but it must be returned to the circulation desk within two hours. Never keep reserve material out overnight! Students with overdue reserve material will lose the right to check out further reserve material and be fined $5 per item per day until the item(s) are returned.

How can I search for items that are on reserve?
Click the "Class Reserves" link on the library homepage. There, you can search or browse by faculty name or course name/number. Currently enrolled Berklee students will need a class password to access electronic or audio material. This password will be provided by your instructor.

How do I place a hold on a score or book? How can I check my holds?
Currently enrolled Berklee students may only place holds on items that are checked out. Once the item has been found in the library catalog, click on the “Place a Hold” link in the upper right corner. Enter your username and Library PIN or password when prompted. When the item is returned to the library, an email notification will be sent to the email address attached to the request and the item will be held at the circulation desk for pick-up. The status of hold requests and circulated materials can be viewed at the “Your Account” tab in the library’s online catalog (catalog.berklee.edu ).

How do I search and check out ebooks? Berklee currently owns over 5300 ebook titles, available through EBSCO. You can search our catalog to find them as you would our other books, then click on the URL to access them.

How do I view ebooks to my iPad?
1) Install Bluefire Reader on your iPad:

2) See the instructions on the Bluefire Reader web site on using the app with library ebooks:

3) Once you have installed Bluefire Reader, you can either sync ebooks to your iPad from another computer or download them directly using the iPad's web browser (i.e. Safari) to search for and download ebooks.

Can I view ebooks on my iPhone or iPod Touch? The Bluefire Reader app, described above, will work with an iPhone or iPod Touch. You can sync ebooks to the device but cannot download them directly. Be aware that the text layout is not well-suited to such a small screen, so it is a suboptimal reading experience.

What is a Bursar’s library block? How do I settle a Bursar block?
Current and graduating Berklee students will be blocked at the Registrar's Office for overdue material and/or fines in excess of $20. A Bursar block prevents check-in, the receipt of semester grades and/or graduation until the account has been resolved. Tardiness in resolution could result in the assessment of a $250 late check-in fee by the Registrar’s Office. If you have a block, please visit the reference desk Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (please check the “Hours” section of the library website for any library closures) or contact a professional staff member at 617-747-8002.

What fines does the library charge?
The fine for overdue library material is 25¢ (0.20 €) per day per item. The fine for overdue CDs or DVDs is $1.00 per day per item. The fine for overdue library and media center reserve material is $5.00 (3.00 €) per day per item.

How do I see what fines I owe?
The status of circulated materials, current fines, and hold requests can be viewed by current Berklee students at the “Your Account” section in the library’s online catalog (catalog.berklee.edu ). Simply enter your username and Library PIN or password when prompted.

How do I pay my fine?
Fines can only be settled in person, when a library staff member is available. Payment options include cash, check, Berklee card, and credit card.

Does the library send out overdue notices?
As a courtesy, library staff will email your berklee.net account if you fail to return an item on time. Be sure to check your .net account periodically, since it has a limited amount of space. Students are responsible for returning the material on time and for paying any fines incurred, whether or not an overdue notice is received.

What if I lose an item I checked out?
If you lose an item you will need to pay for a replacement. Please see a reference librarian or call 617-747-8002 to make these arrangements.

What should I do if I lose my Berklee ID card?
Current Berklee students should contact customer service as soon as a card is determined missing, at BerkleeCard.com or by dialing 1-866-865-2375 to have the card suspended. New IDs can be obtained at the One Card Office, which is located within the Public Safety Administration Area (168 Mass Ave.). All replacements for lost IDs are subject to a fee.

Do I still have access to the library as an alumnus?
Berklee College of Music considers students who attended at least one semester to be alumni. Alumni have borrowing privileges at the Stan Getz Library, including the media center. An Alumni Pass is required to check out library material, which can be obtained by visiting the Alumni Affairs Office (161 Massachusetts Ave., Level 3, 617-747-2012) or simply requesting one from alumniaffairs@berklee.edu. (Be sure to include your full name, address, and phone number in the email.) Bring the Alumni Pass to the library circulation desk to activate borrowing privileges. This pass is valid for one year (renewal is available) and allows the borrowing of up to five circulating items for up to two weeks.

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Which journals/magazines are available at the library?
Please visit our Local Periodical Holdings page for a complete list of the journals/magazines available in physical format at the library. Periodicals and reference books may only be used on the library premises. For a list of the journals/magazines available, in some cases remotely, please see our Journals & Magazines list. Online periodical databases include Academic Search Premier, Academic OneFile, Rock's Backpages, International Index to Music Periodicals, The Music Index and FirstSearch.

How do I locate a book or score in the Library or Library Annex?
Please don’t hesitate to ask a library staff person for assistance. For further help, a "Guide to Call Numbers” brochure is available at the circulation and reference desks. Note that if an item's location is "Annex," you will need to request it from the library or media center staff. The item will be retrieved for you within 48 hrs.

What if the library doesn’t have the book or score I need?
If the library owns the book or score, but it is currently in use, students may put an item on hold through the library website by clicking on the "Your Account" button. Holds can only be placed on items that have a circulation period of at least two weeks, and all copies must be currently checked out or otherwise unavailable. If the library does not own the book, score, or article (or all copies are missing/lost), currently enrolled Berklee students can use Interlibrary Loan to check out books, scores and articles held by other participating libraries by filling out the InterLibrary Loan Form. If you need any assistance with these services, please ask a staff member at the reference desk.

How do I find an article?
Please visit our Search Articles & More page. Since this can be one of the more challenging research tasks, don’t hesitate to ask a reference librarian for assistance.

Is there an online dictionary/encyclopedia? How about online audio resources?
Yes. Online dictionaries and encyclopedias can be searched through our Search Articles & More page via the Encyclopedias & Dictionaries folder or by simply selecting one of the resources available underneath our Quick Search box on the library webpage. Online audio resources can be searched from the Search Articles & More page using the Audio Resources folder or can be accessed individually through our Streaming Audio page. The library provides access to a number of audio streaming databases, including: African American Song, Classical Music Library, Naxos Music Library, Smithsonian Global Sound and Naxos Jazz Library.

Is there a convenient online place to start my research?
Yes. Please visit our Research Guides page to see if the topic of interest is listed. If not, or if you require further assistance, a reference librarians can be contacted by IM (Instant Message), phone and by email to provide help with research. Visit our Ask A Librarian section for assistance.

How do I cite my print/electronic sources?
For basic information, please see our guide How to Cite Print and Electronic Resources for citing print and electronic sources. Note that many of the databases that offer our electronic resources will format and export citations for you; please see a reference librarian for details. For more in depth writing assistance, please visit the Writing Center at 7 Haviland, Room 110.

How do I remotely access articles, online resources and streaming audio?
Current Berklee students will be prompted to sign in to use some of our resources from home. Students must log in using their Berklee wireless username and PIN. Alumni and five-week students do not have remote access to library resources, though they may use many of them on campus.

Do you have wireless Internet access? Can I print from my wireless laptop?
Wireless Internet connection is available to currently enrolled Berklee students (not including special summer programs) on the library premises. If you need help logging into the wireless network, including the wireless PIN, please visit the Student Computer Support Center (186 Massachusetts Ave) or contact them at 617-747-8800. Printing services are available in the Media Lab and Learning Center (150 Massachusetts Ave.).

Do you have any services or particular policies regarding special needs patrons?
Students with physical limitations and students with documented learning disabilities are allowed to check out any material they request over night. While academic accommodations should be coordinated through the Counseling and Advising Center (939 Boylston Street--access through 3rd floor of 921 Uchida building), the library staff is happy to assist in locating materials and arranging delivery, if necessary.

Should I reshelve books I've used in the library but have not checked out?
We prefer that patrons put the scores/books on any of the reshelving carts at the end of the book shelves or leave them on the table where they were working and allow library staff to reshelve them.

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BerkleeMusic.com student information
How do BerkleeMusic.com students get access to restricted library online material?

To use the restricted library resources, such as streaming audio, BerkleeMusic.com students need to first go to the "My Home" section of the www.BerkleeMusic.com site by following these steps.

  1. Go to the "Berklee Music 'My Home area'" http://www.berkleemusic.com/pvt/home
  2. Then look for the link: "Library Resources Explore music resources online" under Student Community in the center column.

From there you can follow those links to the library online resources without needing wireless PIN.

If you continue to be prompted for a wireless PIN, please refer to the Library Resouces page of the BerkleeMusic.com website: http://www.berkleemusic.com/school/schoolinfo/libraryresources/ for more technical advice regarding web browser configuration.

If this page doesn’t provide the assistance you need, please contact the Berklee Music customer service department at service@berkleemusic.com or by phone at 1-866-237-5533 extension 3.